Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Enjoy with enduro electric motorcycles.

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ZERO emissions motorcycles are now in the present, not only in the future.

"With the new electric traction motorbikes we do the necessary minimum to leave clean air for the lungs of our children and grandchildren."

Today's electric motorcycles have the potential of the petrol competitors and races are the best way to promote it.  
Look at below video. Fausto Scovolo, an enduro world champion, tested our old project STONE 1.0 , That I made for ROBO (www.robo-ze.com).

Fausto Scovolo tested our electric motorcycle for the Italian e-magazine http://www.soloenduro.it

The video start with an interview of makers, next the running test, and finally the comments and reviews of the top rider.


Last my project is a true enduro electric motorcycle starting from an Honda CRF and with 6 KW/h batteries for 120 Km of range, and named STONE 2.0  I made for ELETTRA.

This motorcycle is mormally  used by owner in the Appennini lands in North of Italy.
Currently has traveled about 2600 km without having problems.

This video shows an enduro day lived on the electric motorcycle.....


Working on a little Honda like frame, I built a nice electric enduro motorbyke.
Currently owner use this motorcyle in his Agritourism at Albairate near Milan.

The video shows the first running test.



Since several years the electric traction has become a reality, and in the world there are already many manufacturers of pure electric vehicles.
In the specific Off-road use, there are several companies, in the USA and  in Europe, which sell, various models.
 Zero  , Quantya,  Tacita, and KTM Motorcycle with the Freeride-E.

 "...in Italy there is ony one manufacturer that produces Off Road electric motorbikes. TACITA   There is someone who is working about it as "ARMOTIA" and "EVOLT" and "S.M.R.E.", but up to now, we have seen only prototypes. Furthermore we must say that both prototypes and models in trade haven't, although good products, the features that fully satisfy the off road classic users. This is the reason why I am committed to design and implement an electric traction motorbike with appropriate performance..."   (nucciosan@gmail.com)


First experiences .......

SLING is an Enduro pure electric motorbike, built in an artisan way using a safe and reliable basis taken by a vehicle with combustion engine. Electric components has been chosen from the most widely used and reliable in trade.

 Here is a picture taken during the preparation of the first prototype SLING1.0 , this is the baptism name of this new vehicle. This name expresses full the first feelings gives you riding it. 


SLING runs from two years. It can be configured for different uses, from basic motorcycles with power of 4kw, to the professional  Enduro with 21kw.
You can choose whether to use only one, or two new design lithium-polymer batteries.
The double battery version can Store 3.330 kw/h of energy, almost twice that of competitors. The bike has substantial power, and a torque more than a 450cc gasoline bike! The autonomy grows by 70km in the use pushed, to 100 km in the use more quiet. 
The weight is aligned to the most lightweight enduros.

"Now we wants to produce in series the SLING and we are looking for a partner which has as much passion and time for to help us with promotion and distribution."
For any information please contact  Nuccio    nucciosan@gmail.com



EICMA Milan Fair 2010.


The prototype SLING has been exposed to the Fair of the cycle and motorcycle at Milan Italy from 2 to 7 November 2010 at the stand of the company NewFren     http://www.newfren.it/.

The SLING motorcicle has been tested by Giorgio Papetti, journalist of Motocorse.com to at  GetUp! Trophy Day1 of 18 October 2009 at the motocross track of Lodi.
You may read the article in this link :                                                                           http://www.motocorse.com/news/offroad/25600_GetUP_Trophy_quando_l%C2%92enduro_e_una_festa_per_tutti.php?page=1

This is the Team Electric Invaders that participated in the getup! Trophy day1 in the saddle of electric SLING .
Also Ruggero Upilio, legendary former director of "motocross" magazine  and now Holder of "Moto on/off Lombardia" dedicating an entire page of its magazine to the beautiful event.   (Click to enlarge)

For any information please contact  Nuccio    nucciosan@gmail.com